May I see your ID Ma’am?

Alright, this trend of having to show ID to buy everyday things is getting a little out of control.

It started with Sudafed, right?  They have to keep that behind the pharmacy counter now because apparently we could go home and cook meth.  But let’s be clear:  If I have a cold that is so bad that I’m willing to stand in line behind ten other sick people, just to ask for cold medicine, then I don’t have the focus, or the energy, to go home and cook Top Ramen, much less illicit drugs.

And I realize that there are all sorts of laws that have to be followed when it comes to selling alcohol, so maybe I’ll get carded if I’m by myself buying wine coolers and Cheetos at the AM/PM.  However, if I’ve been the super market with my kids for an hour, by the time I reach the check out I’m pretty sure I’m looking every single day of my forty-something years.  So yes, when the checker asks for my driver’s license for a nice bottle of wine that I’m buying along with my  asparagus and box of “Nice and Easy extra gray coverage”, I am a bit surprised.  Frankly, what’s even more surprising is that I didn’t just pop that puppy open in aisle twelve when the bickering started over frosted flakes versus cocoa puffs.

At some point I really think we need to allow cashiers to  use their best judgement. Recently, at the home improvement store, I reached the checkout with a bag of potting soil, a dozen plants and a can of spray paint, and I got carded.  “Sorry Ma’am, but asking for ID deters people from buying paint to use for graffiti or huffing.”

Really?  I’m a middle aged housewife, the last thing I tagged was a crock pot for a yard sale.

And huffing?  Seriously?  I have two prepubescent children, I spend 75% of my time cleaning bathrooms and washing socks, if I thought getting high off of toxic smells was an option I’d be walking around giddy all the time.

This really has become ridiculous.

On second thought, maybe wine coolers and Cheetos isn’t such a bad idea…


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