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Thankful for the normal.

Last week was a great week.  Monday I discovered that my little craft studio in our backyard, tried to catch itself on fire, resulting not in a day of making of Christmas presents as planned, but in three days of … Continue reading

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It’s moving day.  A beat-up, faded, purple convertible is parked out by the pool, the backseat is overflowing with shoes, handbags, and tiaras.  Beside the house there’s a Rubbermaid stuffed with furniture, and inside the mansion, in the downstairs kitchen, … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Henry the Dragon

It’s really not a big stretch to say that we don’t have complete control of our zoo around here, but I actually thought this morning was running pretty smoothly.  I was up on time, kids were (pretty much) up on … Continue reading

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School. Week #2

Well hello new school year, here’s to your love of making parents decipher random information: “We are doing a poster on the Mayans.  They lived in Mexico, before there were horses, and they would shake their babies.” “What?” “They would … Continue reading

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Almost Father’s Day

On Friday, a friend asked me what we were going to do on Sunday, for Father’s Day. “No, that’s next week.” I said “No”, she said, “Sunday, the day after tomorrow.” Oh.  I thought I had a week.  Maybe, subconsciously, … Continue reading

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The dragon and the other four leggeds.

The first pet Mike and I had together was a hamster named Nixon.  Unfortunately, not only do I have no inkling why we named him Nixon, I also don’t remember anything about his acquisition or his departure.  Poor unremarkable creature. … Continue reading

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Skip Day

It’s been one of those weeks around here that we’ve had a couple “eventually this is going to be funny” moments. Which makes me even more thankful that let me do a little guest writing on their site. So, while … Continue reading

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Communication. That’s a long word.  That’s a hard word. Take this morning for example, I asked, what I thought was, an easy question: “Do you want a poached egg?” “No thanks.  Wait!  What?” “A poached egg.” “Poached?” “Yes! Do you want … Continue reading

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“over butts”

“Did anybody feed the dog!?” “Yes.  She’s been fed.” “Then why is she standing in the kitchen staring at me?” “I promise I fed her.” “She’s just trying to get fed again,” I butted in on the conversation going on … Continue reading

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Budget cuts

It’s not that I can’t hear, or that I don’t pay attention. Okay, maybe it’s a little bit of both, but mostly I misunderstand words because more often than not I have three people talking to me all at once, about completely … Continue reading

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