A squirrel named Peanut Butter

So I'm just going to throw this out there and get it out of the way: We set a rat trap in the garage. I know, I know, it's inhumane.  But let's be clear:  We had a RAT in the garage! Usually I'm opposed to taking extreme, and potentially painful, measures to get rid of... Continue Reading →



It's moving day.  A beat-up, faded, purple convertible is parked out by the pool, the backseat is overflowing with shoes, handbags, and tiaras.  Beside the house there's a Rubbermaid stuffed with furniture, and inside the mansion, in the downstairs kitchen, three well loved horses stand in unison.  Ken and Barbie are parked out front in... Continue Reading →

School. Week #2

Well hello new school year, here's to your love of making parents decipher random information: "We are doing a poster on the Mayans.  They lived in Mexico, before there were horses, and they would shake their babies." "What?" "They would shake them, it would make their heads longer." "Shape.  They would shape their skulls to... Continue Reading →


Almost Father’s Day

On Friday, a friend asked me what we were going to do on Sunday, for Father's Day. "No, that's next week." I said "No", she said, "Sunday, the day after tomorrow." Oh.  I thought I had a week.  Maybe, subconsciously, I did that on purpose.  I love, don't love, Father's Day. My kids have the... Continue Reading →


The dragon and the other four leggeds.

The first pet Mike and I had together was a hamster named Nixon.  Unfortunately, not only do I have no inkling why we named him Nixon, I also don't remember anything about his acquisition or his departure.  Poor unremarkable creature. Then there was our old Basset Hound, Clyde.  He was ten years old when we... Continue Reading →


Skip Day

It's been one of those weeks around here that we've had a couple "eventually this is going to be funny" moments. Which makes me even more thankful that http://www.admiremoms.com/ let me do a little guest writing on their site. So, while I patiently wait for the pit at the bottom of my stomach to turn into funny... Continue Reading →


May I see your ID Ma’am?

Alright, this trend of having to show ID to buy everyday things is getting a little out of control. It started with Sudafed, right?  They have to keep that behind the pharmacy counter now because apparently we could go home and cook meth.  But let's be clear:  If I have a cold that is so bad... Continue Reading →


Accident at the satay bar

A night out by ourselves in the city, once again proving that Grandmas are the difference between, "Grammy stayed the night and we got to make cookies!!! ", and a call from Child Protective Services about that silly,  "Don't leave your kids home alone" law.... Anyway, we had made reservations at one of our favorite... Continue Reading →


The memories of chairs

There’s a little field that I drive by almost everyday.  It's framed by an old gray fence and a gravel drive, it’s pretty, but it’s not unlike any of the others around it.  Nothing about it ever set it apart from any of its neighbors.  Until today. Today, on a little hill in the middle... Continue Reading →


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