Budget cuts

It's not that I can't hear, or that I don't pay attention. Okay, maybe it's a little bit of both, but mostly I misunderstand words because more often than not I have three people talking to me all at once, about completely random things that are unrelated to anything I'm doing, so my poor frazzled brain just tries... Continue Reading →

May I see your ID Ma’am?

Alright, this trend of having to show ID to buy everyday things is getting a little out of control. It started with Sudafed, right?  They have to keep that behind the pharmacy counter now because apparently we could go home and cook meth.  But let's be clear:  If I have a cold that is so bad... Continue Reading →

Accident at the satay bar

A night out by ourselves in the city, once again proving that Grandmas are the difference between, "Grammy stayed the night and we got to make cookies!!! ", and a call from Child Protective Services about that silly,  "Don't leave your kids home alone" law.... Anyway, we had made reservations at one of our favorite... Continue Reading →


Dear Childhood Development Scholars: I have read some of your reports that suggest "old fashioned" sit down dinners increase family bonding, decrease behavioral issues, and possibly even help raise smarter, more balanced, kids. Well, we sit down together almost every night for dinner, which makes me feel qualified to let you know that you might... Continue Reading →

Retail Impatience

My husband thinks that I have infinite patience, my children strongly disagree, the truth is it's probably about average. Christmas shopping, at best, is a test of patience, and I understand that, but last month I found myself very irritated with the woman in front of me in line at Target.  The checker had already apologized... Continue Reading →

Random Conversation #1

And then we were walking down the sidewalk, on another one of the rare and fabulous nights out in the city.  I must have been gawking at something, like my cute shoes, the ones reserved just for the concrete, because at home I trip on the gravel or a heel sinks in the mud, or... Continue Reading →

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