Animals that go bump in the night

1:00 a.m.:  I gasp, jump, and look around trying to figure out the cause of my sudden state of,  "Why the hell did I just wake up like that"?  I noticed, in my scramble, that Mike was also awake, "Sorry", I said, assuming that I was the one who had started all of this commotion because... Continue Reading →


Random Conversation #1

And then we were walking down the sidewalk, on another one of the rare and fabulous nights out in the city.  I must have been gawking at something, like my cute shoes, the ones reserved just for the concrete, because at home I trip on the gravel or a heel sinks in the mud, or... Continue Reading →

We’ll see how this goes…

I've been pretty reluctant to start a blog (again).  I love the thought of writing about the kids, travel, the house, the dog, , the dog's travel, the dog's kids...well maybe not that.  We've already had to have a few discussions about why the dog can't have 'kids'. "Why can't Koko have puppies?" "She's been fixed."... Continue Reading →

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