Warning: This post contains subject matter that some may find embarrassing and inappropriate. :)

I love a good yard sale, and even a good online buy/sell site.  Our community Facebook yard sale page is handy for all sorts of stuff.  I’ll consider getting rid of something for months, finally decide to do it, throw up a picture and have somebody come take it away by afternoon.  Brilliant!

I’m all about getting rid of furniture or appliances, and I even understand the never ending stream of “gently used” children’s items. But come on people there are some things that maybe you shouldn’t post.

Bras?  No. It’s a small town, ladies, I don’t need to see what’s in your underwear drawer.  If it freaks out your twelve year old to see it in the laundry basket maybe that’s a clue you shouldn’t offer up pictures to a few hundred of your neighbors. “Hey, did your Mom sell that super cute pink number with the lace trim? The one that she “only wore a few times”?”   Yeah, that’s not awkward at all.

Breast pumps?  Yes, these come up a lot, but also, no. Now I realize that when you have a baby they sometimes send you home from the hospital with one of these, and yes, it’s been used before.  But hospitals have things like privacy laws, and disinfecting.  Also, you don’t stand the chance of running into the previous user at peewee soccer practice. There’s a great conversation starter.  If you do feel that you just have to post it up, at least be honest.  Instead of saying “Great condition, only used for a few months”, try the truth, “I have a torturous contraption that I used to painfully extract life sustaining fluid from my breasts, whilst I watched Dr. Phil and ate Funyuns.  How ’bout you pay me twenty bucks for it?”

However, this is my very favorite post so far: “Yoga Pants $12 NEED GONE!”

“NEED GONE!” seems a little extreme for yoga pants, dontcha think?  I mean how could you possibly be that desperate to get rid of yoga pants?  Do they haunt you from your dresser drawer as a little reminder that you don’t actually exercise?  If that’s the case, I really should get rid of mine because not only have I never done yoga, I also haven’t worked out in two weeks.  I did however have two chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, and spandex is my friend, thus, yoga pants.

And why $12?  Did she really want $14, but because “NEED GONE!” she will settle for $12?  Did she not “NEED GONE!” quite so much for $7.50?

Now, if you are trying to get rid of slacks because when you put them on they fit like yoga pants, then that I can understand.

There ya go, just some random thoughts, now I need to go message a lady about some yoga pants…


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  1. A good laugh is priceless — this one brought several! Love your witty style so I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. No obligation!


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